Saturday, 21 June 2008


I left home in Cambridgeshire at 5.45am yesterday morning to get down on site for the tree delivery. Thankfully, traffic on the M25 wasn't too bad and I managed to beat Sam there - he'd overslept! The trees from Deepdale turned up just before 9am and took a while to unload, taking all four men and a digger to carefully extract them from the lorry. 'Don't damage the bark!' I yelled as the five Acer davidii were man-handled to the side of the plot.

It was really busy everywhere on site yesterday, lots of people, lots of huge delivery lorries trundling along the temporary trackway. Since my last visit, the building structure has emerged: 'That building isn't going to fall down in a hurry', said Steve Cope, Deputy Show Manager as he walked by. My worries on Tuesday about how the big the plot is were a distant memory as areas where plants and lawn will be are now taken up with piles of wood, paving stone, paint and more wood. All waiting to be created into something else by the boys.

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